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Actual Patient of Dr. Bishop

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Actual Patients of Dr. Bishop

Earning Trust – One Patient at a Time

Our first goal, from the moment you walk in the door, is to earn a feeling of trust. Our highly-rated dentist in Dallas believes the absolute best dentistry we can provide will only occur when there is a strong bond of trust with our patients. We’re all working together toward the common goals of healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile.

A Healthy Smile,
A Healthy Body

Did you know that the cause of most tooth loss is not decay? It’s gum disease. And recent studies have established a link between gum disease and your overall health. The good news is that gum disease can be treated successfully by a trained dentist or periodontist, often without surgery. Our commitment to you includes paying meticulous attention to all of your needs for healthy teeth and gums so you not only look your best but also have optimum overall health.

Actual Patient of Dr. Bishop

happy patient showing off his new smile after visiting our Dallas dentistry

Actual Patient of Dr. Bishop

A Faster Approach for Straighter Teeth

With Invisalign™ it is possible to have straight teeth in as little as 9 – 15 months! No braces, wires, or headgear! And the best part is that no one will know you’re straightening your teeth – because it’s invisible! The Invisalign system is easily removable and allows you to eat and drink what you want while in treatment, and brushing and flossing are no problem!

smiling teenager holding her new Invisalign that she got from our dentist in Dallas

before and after teeth whitening at our family dentistry in Dallas

Teeth Whitening – A Bright Smile Makes An Impact

It’s natural to want brighter teeth! Whiter teeth are healthier looking, and easier to achieve than most people think. The only way to get your teeth their whitest is by using a professionally supervised bleaching process. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bishop offers custom whitening trays, made in his own lab. You will receive supplies and instructions and you finish the teeth whitening procedure at home. This technique is safe and effective. Results occur within 1 – 14 days.

No Mercury or Metal With Safe, Tooth-Colored Fillings

For years, the silver-mercury amalgam was the standard filling material used in dental practices, and many practices still use it. While they are a reasonable restoration, Dental Dimensions only offers metal-free restorations that are a natural-looking white and can actually strengthen your teeth. They also bond very tightly with the healthy part of the tooth so there is much less chance of decay in the future.

before and after dental fillings at our Dallas dentistry

sedation dentistry in dallas

Sedation Dentistry

While we take great pride in delivering painless injections, some patients are naturally anxious at just the thought of a needle. We understand, and we want to make your treatment completely fear-free! Sedation options such as nitrous oxide help you relax throughout your treatment so you can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment today and see why Dr. Bishop is a no-anxiety dentist in Dallas.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you or a loved one find yourself falling asleep during the day, or snoring loudly or having interrupted breathing during sleep, it may be sleep apnea. For those who have been diagnosed with this condition, modern dentistry has new treatment options such as oral appliances. These have been successful for over 90% of the patients who use them and are an alternative to CPAP machines. Ask us about this treatment and start getting the rest you deserve.

patient suffering from sleep apnea, luckily our Dallas dentistry offers sleep apnea treatment

illustration of what healthy teeth look like

Oral Cancer – Minimize Your Risk

It’s an often unknown statistic that oral cancer causes one American death every hour. For 40 years, this mortality rate hasn’t changed. But it’s not all bad news. Early detection means a 90% cure rate for oral cancer. That’s why we conduct a visual screening for oral cancer at every six-month checkup and cleaning. If the hygienist or doctor sees anything that gives them cause for concern, they’ll refer you to an oral surgeon. This screening could literally save your life! Every good dentist in Dallas knows that preventative dentistry is key!

Fast Numbness Reversal

When a patient leaves the dental chair after routine care, they are often “numb” for 3 to 5 hours. What if that didn’t have to happen anymore? We are very pleased to offer our patients OraVerse™ anesthesia reversal. It takes about fifteen minutes to get back to normal. So if the thought of being numb for hours after your treatment makes you uncomfortable – we can take care of that for you!

happy and smiling patient after her dental treatment at our Dallas dentistry

Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Did you know that 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the United States alone? Many sports can be dangerous without the proper protection. The one-size-fits-all mouthguards found in stores just don’t fit very well. Custom-made sports mouthguards fit well, protect well, and can be worn for any sport.

action football shot to represent our mouthguards at our dentistry in Dallas

patient visiting dentist in dallas and having a teeth cleaning

Comfortable & Effective Teeth Cleaning

We use a Piezo Scaler™ to aid in removing deposits of plaque and calculus (tartar) from your teeth, especially under the gumline and even in deep pockets, in the case of gum disease treatments. This hand tool uses high-frequency vibrations to enable us to remove deposits on your teeth faster than with regular scaling instruments. Your teeth have never felt so clean! As a bonus, most patients report less discomfort with the Piezo Scaler.

In-House Tooth Extractions

If a tooth is extensively damaged or infected, or if third molars are impacted, tooth extraction is the solution to the problem. We do most extractions in our office, so you will not be inconvenienced by a referral to another office. Our compassionate manner will make you feel comfortable in our care for this treatment. Book today to see why patients choose our dentist in Dallas, Dr. Bishop.

patient visiting dentist in dallas at dental dimensions

our dentist in Dallas and his assistant with a patient doing a dental exam with digital x-rays

Digital X-Rays

Traditional dental X-rays have been “good enough,” but digital X-rays immediately provide clearer, much more accurate pictures of what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth. We can also view your entire mouth in one shot, including the upper and lower jaws, with panoramic digital images. These methods result in 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays. No more waiting for images to develop and no more chemical waste to pollute the environment.

Intra-Oral Camera

The cosmetic dentist works hand-in-hand with patients to create a bond of teamwork. The amazing intra-oral camera is a miniature video camera that displays a closeup picture of the inside of your mouth. You can see for yourself what work needs to be done and which teeth are doing fine. You then become a participant in each dental decision. You’ll love how this works!

how Intra Oral Camera work

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