Dallas Observer Mixtape with Vectorvison: Ceramic Hello, Adolf Filter & More

Brian Bishop goes by the stage name of Vectorvision. Bishop has been a modest but vital part of Dallas electronic music for well over two decades. He’s amassed a vinyl collection that makes even the most experienced DJ vets blush with jealousy, an arsenal of modular systems and rare synths, and the knowledge of what it all means. Bishop also worked at Bill’s back in the day when it was the nexus of Dallas DJ crate digging. If androids dream of electric sheep, this week’s mixtape from Vectorvision might be the soundtrack.

Dallas Observer: How did you get started DJing? How long have you been at it?

Vectorvision: My earliest memory of “DJing,” if this counts, was holding the jam box during our 4th grade break dance battles. After that, I spent my early music years obsessed with various forms of punk and metal, which eventually led to industrial music, via Ministry, and then finally to techno. This is when I started buying vinyl and learning to mix. Probably about 25 years now.

How was this mix made?

This mix was made by both vinyl mixing and also some Ableton editing, since some of the songs have not been released on vinyl. When playing out, I spin records exclusively.

Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

I was looking to put together something dark and quirky, with a retro futuristic vibe. Oh, and lots of vocoders.

How did you start getting involved with Dallas DJ culture?

I started going out in Dallas after high school, attending clubs like Detour, Fishdance and S.O.A. I then quickly became engulfed in the Dallas rave scene, mainly partying and occasionally DJing, with my best friend Blake Wright. Like most Dallas geezers my age, I was heavily influenced by the Hazy Days Collectif… I also worked at Bill’s Records, where I met many influential DJs and music friends, not to mention getting first dibs on all the new records.

You dabble in a lot of areas genre-wise. Do you have any genres that you prefer spinning most?

I’ve always looked for music that was different, obscure and futuristic sounding. Over the years it’s become more difficult to stick to a single genre when mixing. It’s more of a “feel” than a genre that I’m looking for when I DJ.

How did you get into production?

I started hitting up pawn shops and had good luck in finding many cool vintage synthesizers and drum machines. For years, I mainly collected gear, but after finishing dental school and starting a family I finally got to a point where I could start putting it all to good use.

What releases do you have coming down the pipe?

My first release is coming up and will be on the new label from Gavin Guthrie (TX Connect) called TRU. It’s a compilation record called the Cyber_Tex EP, featuring some of my buddies I just mentioned, Convextion, Cygnus and a young blood named Dustin Evans.

Where do you like to dig for new (or old) tracks?

Locally, I mainly hit up Josey Records and Half Price Books. Outside of Dallas, I like End of an Ear Records in Austin and Mount Analog in L.A. A lot of the older stuff I buy are imports though, so I also have to purchase through Discogs and Juno Records.

What was the most profound musical experience you have had in the past year?

Definitely seeing Kraftwerk in Austin. It was a honor to be in the presence of a musical and conceptual genius like Ralf Hutter. A close second was getting to spend time in Detroit talking to “Mad” Mike Banks of Underground Resistance with my friend Minto George, and in walks Moritz Von Oswald of Basic Channel fame and we got to meet and speak with him as well.

What gigs do you have in the near future?

The next thing coming up is an Official Detroit Movement pre-party on April 9th with Andrei Morant, Convextion, Wanz Dover, James Kelley, M Parks. I’ll be playing a live set of new Vectorvision songs at this Red Light event.

1. Ceramic Hello “A Blast Furnace”
2. Raison Future “Puissance Electronique”
3. Logic System “Domino Dance”
4. Rational Youth “Power Zone”
5. Sauveur Mallia “Synthetic Neuron”
6. Adolf Filter “River of Chebar”
7. Vectorvision “Puppet X”
8. Freak Electrique “Mr. Psycho”
9. Polyphonic Size “Le Rabatteur des Sectes”
10. Erreur Erotique “Le Fric”
11. Bakterielle Infektion “Living Like a Robot”
12. Vectorvision feat. R9 “Living Seismic”
13. Bakterielle Infektion “Bisphenol-A”
14. The H-Men “Scream”
15. Nonplus “Television Prograns”

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